Short Works


Poisonous Flowers – by Nic Kelman
The Village Voice

Notice is a difficult book. But not in the sense that it is an obscure work, some kind of experimental literary leviathan demanding to be mastered. Rather it is difficult because you will understand it all too well. It will make you uncomfortable. It will make you almost unbearably sad. From the very first page it will get under your skin…READ MORE




Skirt-Chasing – by Nic Kelman

Elle Magazine

Consider this: a stick figure is male, a stick figure with a triangle below the waist is female.  When all else is pared away, when we need to reduce the sexes to mere icons, it is  the skirt that provides the differentiation between men and women, it is the skirt that draws…READ MORE




Kill Or Be Killed – by Nic Kelman

Black Book Magazine

“If you must tour the world of Suzie Wong by night, double-oh-seven, kindly inform our man here,” says M to James shortly after the triple-nippled Latin sex god, Francisco Scaramanga, has once again justified his million dollar fee…READ MORE