How To Pass As Human

A Guide to Assimilation for Future Androids

Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 233 pages
ASIN: 1616557656
ISBN: 9781616557652
HOW TO PASS AS HUMAN is an attempt on the part of the world’s first android to understand the irrational, unpredictable, eclectic creatures known as human beings.
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About the Book

In preparation for the inevitable takeover by our robot overlords, Dark Horse Books endeavors to help androids and artificial intelligences hide among us with How to Pass as Human, an illustrated novel by critically acclaimed author Nic Kelman.

Written in the form of a field guide, complete with sketches, graphs, flowcharts, and other reference materials, Android Zero (aka “Zach”) has compiled a variety of useful information for future androids on how to pass undetected as human beings. Along the way, he also attempts to solve the mystery of his own creation with the help of Andrea, a human female who has taken an interest in him that may be more than friendly, and eventually leading him to “meet his maker” and discover the surprising purpose of his existence.

Writer: Nic Kelman
Artist: Pericles Junior
Colorist: Pericles Junior
Cover Artist: Terry Dodson



“…methodical, precise, and engaging prose…a clever exploration of society, giving readers an emotional ride as they contemplate and sympathize (or disagree) with Zach’s findings on what it means to be a human being.” – Publishers Weekly * Starred Review *

“Kelman turns a laser eye on the myriad contradictions within our relationships with each other and with the things around us.” – New York Journal of Books

“…plenty of charm and wit” – Paste Magazine

“Nic Kelman has found an instruction guide for robots learning to pass as human. If you follow this guide, you will become a more convincing human, too.” – Eric Martin, Producer/Host of This American Wife

“Fantastically wise, funny and cynical. More insight into yourself and others than you’ll find in a dozen self-help books. Plus gunplay.” Rick Rosner, Emmy Nominated TV Writer and Second Smartest Man in the World

“Kelman has a unique take on what makes us human, from our unique individual habits to our not-so-effective societal norms…the best part is, we get to see what it would really be like if an Android happened to find himself falling in love.” – New York Daily News

“Comedy Gold” – Revolution Science Fiction

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